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About HTG

HTG is a leading international distributor of Liquors and Health & Beauty products to retailers (B2B), local distributors, and wholesalers. We supply our customers with a broad assortment of premium brands and private labels.

Our passion for international distribution and our innovative capacity form the core of our organizational culture: unique, successful, and personal. HTG is part of the B&S Group, which has been publicly listed at Euronext Amsterdam since March 2018.

Do you like a challenge and want to keep developing yourself? HTG offers both internships as job vacancies for young professionals within our sales departments. For more information and job vacancies please visit 


For our graduate students, we offer a student office where they can fully focus on their theses together with the other students. We also provide the "fun" aspect with a football table and a Nintendo Switch to ease their minds. The majority of theses that will be written are market entry strategies for our Liquors or Health & Beauty divisions.

For an internship where you want to gain some experience, we also provide a place for you. You can join us at conferences, have international contacts, and learn how working in an international environment really feels!

For more information, please contact me!

Erik Meijer





La Ca

LA CA means wandering.

The reason for such a name is to enjoy good food in Vietnam, you don’t necessarily have to enter a luxurious restaurant, but wandering though the small streets will enable you to discover many diverse delicious authentic food stalls. Therefore, don’t expect a quiet place with relax music. La Ca is a fastfood but healthy Vietnamese restaurant made with love. Because of Vietnam tropical climate, the signature of Vietnamese cuisine is the balance among rice, vegetables, abundance of the freshest uncooked herbs, spices, combination between the cold with the hot and the soft with the crisp.

Vietnamese cuisine is much more diverse than only so -called "loempia".

It is well-known for its preparation and straight forward cooking methods. Vietnamese food has many influences from China, Indonesia, Thailand and even France. The basic ingredients we use are lemongrass, lots of fresh herbs, garlic, peanut, pickled vegetables, and of course "nuoc mam".

A type of Vietnamese homemade dipping fish sauce. This all creates a harmonious balance between all the different flavours.

We hope you will enjoy our food and please share the love!

Team La Ca

About UNO

We believe the choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from and how it’s prepared have a direct and powerful impact on every single one of us. That's why we put all our effort in each and every plate. We work hard to meet high standards like yours, and our aim is to hit the mark for you.

Team UNO

About The Smooth Brothers

The Smooth Brothers is born out of a dream about how the world could and should be. We are on fire to create something of relevance, resonance and performance. A business that delivers real value of multiple kind to everyone it touches. We love Jazz and we look at the world from that perspective.’What good music does to our mind and soul, good food does to our body. At The Smooth Brothers we continuously are working on combining these two; add to that a pleasant environment and the outcome should be a moment of pure joy. Our purpose is therefore to provide anyone who is seeking a short escape from the daily hectic reality, that moment of pure joy.

Team The Smooth Brothers



You don't live to train, you train to live. You want to be fit to get more out of life and exercise to have more energy. During the week you work out at the gym to be able to let loose and fully experience your favorite festivals on the weekends. You train to do what you love.




Consul-Tech is a  training and consulting agency.

We are a business that helps corporates and individuals to grow and evolve while eliminating downsides. Our focus is to bring you an outstanding, very professional services that you can always rely on. We are offering a multitude of services like; Personal development programs, Business consulting services, Public speaking services, as well as Events management.

Consul-Tech aims at helping both; national and international customers to adapt or-and adjust to the Dutch culture and work labour market fast and easy. Also, we are working closely with various organizations and companies to make it easier for every foreigner to find his/ her path in the country in a very seamless, reliable and very professional manner.

As one as our biggest targeted group, by coaching and assisting the newcomers we are supporting the local economy while also allowing them to establish their own career and forge a local connection with experts. Personal training is of major concern for us because we want to make it easy for everyone to self-develop and evolve naturally while getting access to the best opportunities they can acquire without any concerns. Aside from personal training, we do also offer business training for every profession. This means we can quickly help your employees master specific skills that will help at their workplace.

We firmly believe that learning is a virtue and with its help, you can easily reach the highest possible level within the professional and personal world. With the right amount of commitment, you can easily surpass the expectations and push yourself or your business to new heights while getting past the competition.


About The Student Hotel

Our Groningen location is more than a hotel: it’s a hub for co-living where travellers, locals and students get together to learn, stay, work and play. In a city famous for its universities, all students-at-heart are welcome at our super-central spot next to the Grote Markt. So come and settle in for anything from one night to a year, host a meeting or just pop in for a bite. We’ve got it all going on!

Team The Student Hotel