IBS-U Events

Charity ball

Every year in December, a charity ball with a unique location will be organized. We will keep you updated for this year!

Guest lectures

Broaden your horizon, and get to know what business life is like. Famous international companies are happy to provide us with usefull information during these lecture talks.

Company visits

Would you like to see how businesses really operate? dont miss out on the International company visit.

Ski Trip

Every year. we take a week off, and go skiing in the best area of Europe; Davos! The ski trip 2021 will be just as amazing as last years! Sign ups are limited!


Partying is the moment to release your exam stress. We know that, and we help you with that 🙂 we will keep you posted about the latest parties.

Member activities

Several member activities will be organized trough the year. For example,

Running dinner, water skiing, BBQ, or a movie night.

Internship & Study abroad information evenings

Every year we ask 4th year students to present their experiences during the year abroad.

Proposal event

Ideas for an event? let us know, and we might organize it!