Are you looking for a challenging and exciting time? Do you fancy organizing amazing events together with fellow students? Then apply for one of the many IBS-U Committees!

IBS-U Board

The IBS-U Board is responsible for the daily management of the association. Furthermore, they are responsible for all of the activities that different IBS-U Committees organize and the representation towards Members and external parties. 

The current board focusses on obtaining business partners, internships and informal member activities. Every year, a new board will be formed who take over the responsibilities. It requires time, effort and motivation.

Interested? Send an e-mail to ibsu.hanze@gmail.com

Business events Committee

Would you like to expand your business network? Are you willing to have business meetings with large organisations on behalf of IBS-U? Join the business committee!

The business committee is constantly working on expanding and maintaining our business relations. Together, they are responsible to organize the best business events for our members. The events are organised for students, and decrease the distance between University and their placement.

Social events committee

We as a committee are responsible for planning and organizing activities for IBS-U members, such as sports, member days, social gatherings, parties and general member meetings.

Our goal is to provide our members a wonderful experience undue the current crisis we are in. Therefore, we give everything it takes to provide members the best events.





Ski Trip


The Ski-Trip committee is responsible for the yearly ski-trip for IBS-U members. Last year we went with 80 members to Davos, Switzerland.

The committee provides us with the best options regarding location, transport and a planning for the week.

How to apply to be an active member?

After we received your application, we will get back to you to plan a coffee meeting with one of the board members in order to get to know each other.

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Develop yourself by being pro active
Working in a great atmosphere 🙂